Password Security

Password Security

A review paper on the vulnerability of passwords and the various methods in which passwords can be handled and mishandled

An Abstract

Passwords are akin to multiple keys in this digital world which can be used to gain access to data, accounts, systems, or any guarded place. Choosing a password for each of them is often a puzzle for most people. Securing the password is an important task that is dependent on several factors, from choosing the right characters and length to designing the system for sound security. People tend to keep the same or similar passwords for multiple accounts, making them vulnerable to various kinds of attacks. This paper deals with multiple aspects of password security—a closer look into the types of passwords, the types of attacks, and how secure passwords are. The literature review covers themes of the history of passwords, password storage, salts or hashing, ways to secure passwords, as well as password managers.

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This review paper is fully researched and written by Manish Nittala, Muskan Singh, Parth Khurana, Pooja Bhogadi, Rakesh Reddy, and S. Krishnan. They are Management Committee members of Manipal Information Security Team.