Scope of AI in securing IoT systems

Scope of AI in securing IoT systems

A review paper covering various aspects of the scope of Artificial Intelligence in securing IoT devices

An Abstract

You must have heard about the Internet of Things and how it's predicted to become the next big thing in the tech world. We are currently living in the IoT era. And the growth of IoT is an exponential curve with a steep positive slope. Our homes, cars, offices, and all the places we visit are all fitted with sensors and chips that are constantly sending data to and from our computers and smart devices. AI-based systems are evolving rapidly in terms of application, adaptation, processing speed and capabilities.

The Internet of Things is a network of internet-connected devices that are constantly sending and receiving data from one another. And, as more and more devices get added to our workplaces and homes, we are becoming increasingly more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Security of such devices is a vital component to the success of IoT. That is where Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture.

AI systems that use certain algorithms can identify potential vulnerabilities before they're exploited by hackers and take the necessary steps to fix them. This review paper covers an assortment of themes regarding the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity. From analyzing the vulnerabilities and flaws in IoT devices to AI resolving the flaws in IoT security to AI solutions for prevention of the same, we have tried to cover it all in this paper.

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This review paper is fully researched and written by Adithya Kejriwal, Lavanya Rao, Parv Kohli, Prajna P, and Somya Bansal. They are Management Committee members of Manipal Information Security Team.